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Choosing the right home battery depends on several factors. The necessary amount of storage capacity of your home battery depends on your consumption profile, the strength of your inverter, the appliances you use and the locally available electricity production. A customised calculation is therefore required.

With this tool, we give you an indication of what you need. Contact one of our partners Click here for a tailor-made proposal.

Do you already have solar panels?
If you already have solar panels, any SMILE battery system can be installed. If you want to install your home battery at the same time as your solar panels, you can choose to install a SMILE 5 or SMILE T10 and connect your solar panels directly to it.
How many bedrooms does your home have?
This will give us a rough estimate of your annual consumption.
How many of the following large electrical consumers do you have in your home?
Heat pump / air conditioning - Electric car - Induction cooker - Steamer - Drying cabinet - Swimming pool - Garden sprinkler system
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The AlphaESS battery systems are eligible for the Flemish subsidy on home batteries (subject to conditions). How much this can be and the latest updates on this can be found in this blog post.

An overview of all AlphaESS home batteries and specifications you can find here.

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