The smartest
home battery

Day and night solar energy

The smartest home battery

Day and night
solar energy

How does an AlphaESS home battery work?

home battery solar energy storage

When your solar panels generate energy, your home only uses the electricity you need at that moment. The surplus of solar energy is then injected into the electricity network. At times when you need more electricity than you produce, you take so-called 'grey power' from the grid again.

home battery solar energy storage

By using a home battery, you can store your surplus of generated renewable energy and use it at times when the sun is not shining enough.

What are the benefits of an AlphaESS home battery?

energy maximisation

Maximum use
of your own generated power

Full control over
your energy consumption thanks to
the AlphaCloud app and Jabba


One step closer to a
sustainable living environment

emergency power

Emergency supply at
a power failure

Keep an eye on your energy consumption
with the easy-to-use
AlphaCloud app

Bastiaan P.
"Modern times call for modern solutions. Storing my own energy instead of feeding it to the grid therefore seems like a good decision."
Bart V.
"I am very satisfied. It's an investment, but doing nothing will cost more in the long run and bring less peace of mind!"
Marc H.
"It is the perfect method to use energy intelligently and also to reduce the carbon footprint."
Jorg V.
"I can store my energy, which reduces the cost of my electricity bill and is better for the environment.
Ronald P.
"Increasing independence from the grid seemed to us to be an important step in ensuring greater stability."
Hubert D.
"I bought a home battery from AlphaESS for the warranty conditions, materials used and German supervision."
Eric T.
"Price-quality seemed to be the best solution for us. It's a clear app and friendly to use. It has really helped us to better manage our energy consumption."
Hans V.
"The AlphaEss battery is a safe battery, and in sunny weather we have found that it provides enough electricity to meet our personal needs.
Ronny B.
"Technical features, easy and clear monitoring and nice clean design."