This will change on 1 January 2022

The Flemish premium for the installation of home batteries will decrease for all applications as from 1 January 2022. The current premium amounts to a maximum of EUR 2,550, and drops to a maximum of EUR 1,725.

In 2022 the premium will be EUR 225 per kWh for the first 4 kWh, EUR 187,5 per kWh for 4 to 6 kWh and EUR 150 per kWh for 6 to 9 kWh of actual battery system capacity. From 9 kWh there will be no additional amount.

Below is an overview of what this means for the different AlphaESS home batteries.


Smile B3 with built-in battery

Smile B3 with 1 additional battery module

Smile B3 with 2 additional battery modules

Smile B3 with 3 or more additional battery modules

Smile 5 with 1 battery module

Smile 5 with 2 battery modules

Smile T10 with 4 or more battery modules

Premium in 2022

626 EUR

1.194 EUR

1.627 EUR

1.725 EUR

1.176 EUR

1.725 EUR

1.725 EUR

In the coming years, the premium will be further reduced to be abolished from 2025 onwards. All the conditions of this premium can be found here.

This premium will remain combinable with thegrid operator'sinvestment premium for solar panels in 2022.

Batteries are becoming an interesting investment more than ever

The reduction of the Flemish premium for home batteries will be compensated for in the coming years. Perhaps not so much by decreasing prices of home batteries, but by additional possibilities to save or even earn money thanks to a smart home battery. From mid-2022 onwards you will be able to save money by cleverly capitalising on the capacity tariff or by making full use of dynamic energy prices. For this you need to make use of a smart control. For example, via Jabba's smart platform.

Introduction of environmental contribution

From 1 January 2022, an environmental contribution will be introduced to guarantee that at the end of the life cycle, the home batteries will be dismantled with care for the environment and maximally reused. As an importer, AlphaESS BE has already paid the necessary administrative contributions to Bebat, and the necessary provisions have been set aside for the end of the life cycle. These commitments will be continued under the new regulation. Our partners and end users should not lose any sleep over this. The free take-back and recycling of AlphaESS home batteries at the end of their service life is guaranteed.