Supply company Vlemo aims for maximum grid independence

Marc Ooms gives us a warm welcome to Vlemo in Eksel. Vlemo supplies machines and supplies to butchers, caterers and hotels, restaurants and cafés. Service and maintenance are therefore very important to them. Marc Ooms is the driving force behind this thriving business. A year ago he decided to install a battery system to supplement his solar panel installation.

"Our business consumes 12,000 kWh of electricity annually, plus some from the house above our showroom. I initially had far more solar panels installed on my roof than was strictly necessary. I have about 30kWp of solar panels."

So why did you choose a home battery?

Since I never had a reversing meter, it made much more sense to me that we use as much of our own produced green energy as we can as much as possible. We are now succeeding very well in this. Without a battery, solar panels are useless.

Because there are so many solar panels and because of the well-thought-out orientation of these panels, Vlemo panels, Vlemo still has more than adequate production even on cloudy days. production. Even on grey days, I manage to recharge my battery and bridge my evening my evening consumption. From February to October, I have to buy almost nothing from the grid. I've even set the battery to run sometimes at night during the winter. That way I can get around the clock as cheap as possible around the clock.

Why did you choose AlphaESS SMILE T10?

A SMILE 5 would also have been an option, because then I could have had a bit more storage capacity. However, I chose the T10 because it has more power and that is needed for the company's workshop.

Do you often use the online monitoring?

I'm actually really concerned with the energy flows in our building. The app is a great help. I always have it to hand. The insights you gain from it, you can achieve even more with small adjustments. For example, our forklift truck used to be used to be charged at night. Now I'll do it during the day. This was simply a a question of programming the charging station for the forklift truck.

I'm also always trying to think about the next step. For example, I just concluded a contract whereby I will receive something for the electricity that I to the grid. So far, I haven't connected anything to the UPS output of the battery, but I'm seriously thinking of connecting our computers to it. to it.

Would you recommend an AlphaESS home battery to others?

Absolutely! I'm glad we made the decision. A lot of people ask us about the payback period on a battery. That is, of course, a very especially since everything is constantly changing. What I do know What I do know is that we have made an environmentally friendly investment. And as a And as a company you also try to use your hard earned money in a fiscally favourable way. your hard-earned money.