An environmentally-friendly investment in independence for Bernadette and Gust

We talk to Bernadette and Gust, two retired nature lovers from Londerzeel. "We've had solar panels for a long time and are now looking into getting an electric car. The cost of such a car is still really expensive, but a home battery is definitely something we would like. Above all, we want to be as independent as possible."

"It is mainly my husband Gust who is busy with the latest technological developments," Bernadette says. "We went looking for answers ourselves We went looking for answers ourselves but found them difficult to find. There is so much written that you no longer know what wood arrows are made of. It is our installer who ultimately guided us through this."

What was the deciding factor in you choosing a home battery?

"At first we were advised to wait a little longer. We didn't want to. Then what would we wait for? We didn't want to stand still and watch. In hindsight, it was really the right choice too. We had our battery installed at the end of 2019, so we've already been able to use it for a year in the meantime and reduce our fixed costs for a year."

What does life with a home battery look like for you guys?

"We are not 100% familiar with the technical workings of the battery, but We don't have to be. It's simple really: switch on as many of our large our large consumers during the day and then we'll be fine. We know the battery will do the rest. that the battery will do the rest. We don't do anything major differently, it's all in the small things. It's all in the small things. Because we are both retired, it doesn't matter to us at all. It doesn't matter to us at all. You know, it is and remains mainly awareness."

"We also know that the solar panels do not produce enough in the winter to meet our needs, and that is not a problem at all. We also continue to be connected to the electricity grid, of course. We knew that in advance. You can't expect everything, but in spite of that we manage to be very independent, and that was the intention."

Would you recommend others to purchase an AlphaESS home battery?

"Absolutely! We're happy we made the decision. A lot of people ask us about the payback on the battery. Yeah, when do you get your investment out of it? We don't know. We don't need to know that either. We have made an We have made an environmentally friendly investment and with that we have also bought a bit of independence."

"Gust and I go hiking a lot," Bernadette says. "We're very much into nature. We were very pleasantly surprised to receive an Ambassador Box with ecological gifts from AlphaESS. Besides the additional information and small gifts, we also read that the distributor plants a tree for every home battery they sell, to compensate for the emissions of the sea transport. That kind of thing we find super nice."