The Gaethofs family is ready for the future thanks to their home battery

Chris Gaethofs lives with his wife in Boom. They bought a SMILE B3 in early 2020 to store their surplus solar energy. Chris says: "We already had solar panels and by buying this home battery we didn't need to make any changes to our existing installation".

Why did you decide to purchase a home battery from AlphaESS?

When there was talk of the reversing counter, I went looking for a solution. I'm not someone who waits for the future to be decided for me. I want to be in control of my own future and with a home battery I am definitely future proof.

Our solar panels work with micro-inverters from Enphase, so it seemed logical to us logical to go for a battery of the same brand. But in the end, that was ultimately not so obvious. It was my son who, via his electrical fitter, came up with the installer came up with the AlphaESS solution. The installation went very smoothly very smoothly and overall I am very satisfied with my home battery.

Do you do things differently since having a home battery in your home?

In the beginning I was constantly monitoring all the energy flows in my house via AlphaCloud, which is super handy. It gives me certain insights, such as that it's better to switch on more consumers when I have a surplus. With us that's mainly the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. We didn't really start living differently, but we did become more conscious of it. In any case, it hasn't caused us any loss of comfort. With our home battery we achieve a high degree of grid independence and I think that's the most important thing.

Are you satisfied with AlphaESS?

Service and support are indescribably important to me. When you buy a product, it's always uncertain how the after-sales service will go. With AlphaESS, this was excellent. A few months ago I had a problem while updating my battery system, about which I contacted AlphaESS. 30 minutes later everything was finely resolved. I would only encourage anyone who is unsure about purchasing a home battery to take the plunge. I would also do it again myself immediately.