We have no time to lose

Knack presents: the climate alarm

Just because Corona controls our lives that the climate issue is off the table. Has global warming stopped stopped because we no longer find Anuna De Wever so interesting? Is the polar ice is melting less quickly because the Greens did not win the elections? Or are we going to continue to insist that the heat wave and forest fires had nothing to do with the climate? had nothing to do with the climate? 

With the Climate Alarm, Knack brings the most important issue of our time back into the spotlight. Not because Greta Thunberg says so. But because it is literally a matter of life and death. is. For all of us.

Knack puts the most important issue of our time back into the spotlight, in eight interviews conversations with as many experts. In these podcasts Francesca Vanthielen interviews leading voices in the climate debate. The episodes are listenable via the classic podcast channels (Spotify, iTunes, etc). 

These specialists tell their These specialists tell their urgent stories and offer solutions:

  • 16/09 Dirk Draulans: the biologist, doctor of science and Knack journalist explains the climate problem and discusses possible solutions.
  • 23/09 Hans Bruyninckx: politologist, professor of environmental and climate policy and director of the European Environment Agency on the Grean Deal and Belgian policy.
  • 30/09 Frank Pattyn: glaciologist, ULB professor and director of the Laboratoire de Glaciologie on the effects of climate change on the icecaps.
  • 07/10 Sarah Vicca: biologist (University of Antwerp) about the impact of climate change on biodiversity.
  • 14/10 Jean-Pascal van Ypersele: physicist and climatologist (UCL) about his climate essay for Knack.
  • 21/10 Brent Bleys: ecological economist (Ugent) about degrowth as climate-friendly economic alternative.
  • 28/10 Gerard Govers: the geographer and vice-rector of the KULeuven about carbon capture and other solutions.
  • 04/11 Tine Hens: the climate journalist about the misunderstandings in the climate debate.

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